Barrie Benson : IG LIVE Recap

We had so much fun chatting with designer Barrie Benson on our Instagram Live event this week! If you didnt catch it, you can still watch it on IGTV on our feed here. Barrie fully entertained us with so many fun design tips and inspiration. Here is a little overview of our conversation.
The puppy brothers, Merle and Kobe, get their Facetime out of the way first.
One of Barrie's favorite spaces: The Dominique De Menil house in Houston
Barrie's Favorite Pimento Cheese Recipe by Frank Stitt
Jean Michel Frank inverse panel that Barrie used in the design for Capitol.
The shop Capitol in Charlotte, NC, designed by Barrie Benson
The Bicyclette drink Barrie made - recipe of @Brooksreitz
Peg Norriss: JACKIE GENDEL Collection for Schumacher
The duo behind Peg Norris- Barrie Benson and Chandra Johnson