Meet the Designer : Flynn Design - Addison Weeks

Meet the Designer : Flynn Design

Based out of New Orleans, Kristine and her architect husband make the perfect team by designing classic and functional spaces. They turn overlooked spaces like the laundry room or pantry into functional and beautiful rooms.

How do you describe your design aesthetic?

I love the French transitional/classic look with pops of color which leads me to your hardware. Taking something plain and bringing some life to it, like an old nook and turning it into wine storage.


“We usually pick the hardware and design the cabinet around the hardware.”

How do you use gold in your designs?

I am obsessed with gold. 

Trends always come back and are tweaked a little but my favorite finish is the brushed brass. 

I have it all over my house in light fixtures and hardware.

Michelle Nussbaumer - Scallop Knob

How has New Orleans influenced your design?

New Orleans is about comfort food, easy living… I find I design spaces to make them comfortable, functional, and pretty.

You are known for your blue front door! What is your favorite blue paint to use?

Favorite light blue is Sherwin Williams Beacon Gray. I love how calming it is.

Benjamin MooreBeacon Gray

What is your favorite Addison Weeks piece of hardware to use in the kitchen?

I love using the Middleton Acrylic Bar with moonstone gemstones as the refrigerator door handle. It is stunning!

What is your favorite room to design?

I enjoy decorating the overlooked places like the laundry room and pantry. As women, mom, secretary, chauffeur I like to make their most used spaces functional and pretty… not overwhelming. Everything has a spot and place.