House Beautiful : Designer MA ALLEN - Addison Weeks

House Beautiful : Designer MA ALLEN

MA Allen Knows How to Merge Bold Interiors with Modern Comforts

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It makes sense that MA Allen initially set out to pursue a career in law before pivoting to design: Each of her projects begins with a sweeping research phase. “Almost like an anthropologist, I learn everything I can about my clients, their families, and how they live,” she says. Allen has a knack for translating this practical knowledge into colorful, art-filled interiors that break rules in just the right ways—a fitting parallel to her own daring fashion sense.

Her latest project may be her most challenging—and rewarding—yet: A fullremodel of a Georgian home—for her own family. “I truly have my heartand soul in this house,” says Allen, who is dutifully documenting theprocess on her popular Instagram account. When finished, it will be anapt showcase for Allen’s ability to create unique, often bold interiorsthat still feel comfortable.