Meet the Designer: Lucy Williams - Addison Weeks

Meet the Designer: Lucy Williams

Norfolk based designer, Lucy Williams incorporates neutral patterns with colorful details in her interiors. Known for her interior design and artwork, Lucy continues to inspire us with her creativity. 

When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Ever since I was a kid I was rearranging my room and art class was my favorite in school. 

I was begging my parents to rearrange my room. One year for Christmas, your dad gave me a dollhouse and I loved it. My mom helped me assemble it and I loved choosing the paint colors, wallpaper, and rearranging the furniture.

"The day of a presentation, I always wear the same colors I am trying to sell."

Do you have tips for picking out hardware in a coastal town?

I often look through your website to get some inspiration.

It really depends on the project but I love how you offer multiple different finishes.

Tell us about your painting career!

 I had not painted for over 10 years and started again when we bought our house in Norfolk. I wanted to fill up this massive white wall so I bought some canvases and started painting. 

One of my clients saw these paintings and asked me to paint a piece for her living room. After I painted that piece, I received more requests and started painting full time on the weekends!

Do you have any signature design tricks?

Yes! In bookcases, I always color code the book bindings and group the pictures frames by finish.

 I can't stand clutter and this makes the bookcases look more organized.