Designing a Booth For ATL Market

We just returned from the big Home and Gift show in Atlanta. Our booth was located in the temporary Boutique section, which meant we had to figure out walls, carpet, display etc. We learned a lot of lessons at the NYIGF show and wanted to make it a little easier on ourselves (meaning no wallpaper or paint involved the day before). Our vision for this show was to create a dressing room look to serve as a backdrop for our collection of  jewelry. Here are some of the images that we used as inspiration: a1383391952fd93e4c73fbed2d8a67e8 914ca786d664238a6b4f01a70399a76e 1dc964d6dcae983c03c29a4467ac17b8 We decided to use aqua blue for our walls. We thought the aqua would look really pretty with all of our gold. For display we needed a lot of bookcases. We also needed them to be somewhat light and inexpensive. We  found this image of an Ikea bookcase painted gold. Bingo! 6d7e015ccd5b524c9d5cab9fe65b6d9d These bookcases had a matching desk too that we could use as a vanity. They are very inexpensive, you just have to assemble.... We had mirrors cut for the bottom and top shelves (pictured below these shelves come with plywood). [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Ikea Bookshelves[/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Ikea Desk[/caption] We used Rustoleum spray paint that was a combo of  paint and primer. The finish did not turn out as metallic as we had hoped, but it actually worked out better because it did not compete with the gold tone of our jewelry. Here is our booth when we arrived. Looking a little sad... We had 5 hours to pull it together! Notice the lightening is terrible and the carpet dark. 1010072_386268384807057_1639418045_n We had our logo cut in vinyl . Here Lee is applying it. It was so much easier to travel with a vinyl adhesive sign rather than the neon we had a the NYIGF show. Lee worked at a sign shop back in the day- skills! 1002938_386286581471904_1864663398_n Lighting is a huge deal. You can never have too much light at these shows. We probably could have used a few more spot lights. aw_booth vanity 995126_387492011351361_1564435027_n Here we are tired and exhausted but the heavy lifting is done. Now focused on sales... 1001656_386736414760254_940039343_n Finishing touches of flowers, lamps and press helped. All in all, it was a fun and successful show. Packing up was not nearly as hard as setting up!

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