Thank you Atlanta

We had a blast in Atlanta and loved seeing everyone. Parker's house was the perfect backdrop for our jewels. Thank you Parker and Sarah! 2b377f5c47db11e3885922000a1fba3d_7 2db0a6f047ea11e3bc000e7eda5cd7b0_7 f9dea332480611e3b93122000aaa04c4_7 33e7f116480f11e386ab22000ab5a7f5_7 65c94c74488311e38ae8125e33f3c560_7 a493c2d0488e11e3a41422000a9e005f_7 e7ee1e70489011e3b5181293ec6dde20_7 d977dd22489a11e3bd1922000ab480a2_7 We also loved spending the day with the girls at Kayce Hughes. The store is gorgeous and merchandised so well. Here are some of my fave things: 5ae1ba22471511e390551231391e53f0_7 061b493e471711e3bb3f0ace75ce56cf_7 50676238471811e3a57512f3c952acee_7 9ab8c846472611e38bf00abf480766b1_7 9ff8d14243f311e3b7d222000a9f0a2d_7 0f52e29643fc11e3ba1322000ae91369_7

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