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Decorative Boxes


--Amelia Bottle Opener - Rose Quartz--
$ 107.00$ 48.00
--Wilgus Box  - Brass + Tigers Eye--
$ 308.00$ 154.00
--Ring Box Brass - Lapis--
$ 68.00$ 34.00
--Avery Round Box - Labradorite--
$ 308.00$ 154.00
--McGuire Bottle Stopper - Malachite--
$ 86.00$ 25.00
--Dewey Cups - Stainless Steel + Pink Opal--
$ 216.00$ 102.00

Gemstone Frames

Our gemstone frames are a glamorous  touch to any home. Choose from two sizes and four different gemstones.

Gemstone Ring Boxes

A perfect little gift, these ring boxes have been used for engagements, baby's first tooth, stamps, pills... you name it. Choose the gemstone that fits your style. Handmade of sold brass and semi-precious gemstones.
--Ring Box Brass - Amazonite--
$ 68.00$ 34.00

Gemstone Ring Boxes

Accessorize like a professional. Our handmade boxes come in either Nickel or Brass. Choose your gemstone and set the tone for your home.
--Wilgus Box  - Stainless + Moonstone--
$ 308.00$ 154.00

Gemstone Barware

Details like these set the bar high. Shop our stoppers, cork screws and bottle openers to ensure you are party ready.