Everyday Stud Earrings

Star Studs

Yes, you are a star. Gemstone start studs will be your everyday faves.

Star Studs


Heart Studs

Sweet little studs that will make you happy everyday. Buy them for yourself or give them to someone you love.

Whitten Studs

Oprah's Favorite Studs. Customers love these because of the french clip post on the back. Easy and light to wear.
--Whitten Studs Amethyst, Oprahs Favorite Things--
$ 72.00$ 72.00
--Whitten Studs - Emerald--
$ 72.00$ 72.00
--Whitten Studs Pink, Oprah's Favorite Things--
$ 72.00$ 72.00
--Whitten Studs Turquoise, Oprah's Favorite Things--
$ 72.00$ 72.00

Reams Studs

Gemstones galore. Our Reams studs have been worn in weddings, to black tie events and to yoga class. Needless to say they are versatile.
Choose the color combination that works for you!

--Reames Studs - Pink + Moonstone--
$ 120.00$ 120.00
--Reames Studs - Green Turquoise + Lapis--
$ 120.00$ 120.00
--Reames Studs - Moonstone + Pink--
$ 120.00$ 120.00

Hutchinson Studs

Large faceted gemstone studs in candy colors.

Ivy Studs

Our smallest gemstone studs. Choose from 8 colors, all set in 24kt gold plate.

Vaughan Studs

Edgy studs for happy ears.

Humphrey Studs

A classical setting that will compliment just about anything. Choose from 5 gemstone choices.
--Hartz Stud Earrings  Mona Lisa--
$ 48.00$ 48.00
--Hartz Stud Earrings - Moonstone--
$ 48.00$ 48.00

Everette Studs

Made by hand, these studs have a classical feel. Choose from three different gemstones.